Experience Colombia’s Oceans

Our collective imaginations often take us to the ocean’s edge, where we feel humbled by its mystery, its vastness, its beauty.  The ocean moves us and binds us, as each new wave lulls or crashes to the shore…before joining forces with the next.  In some places, our imaginations are heightened by reality as our toes touch the water’s edge; our faces feel the ocean’s breeze; our ears echo with the ocean’s rhythm; our lips savour the ocean’s salty spray; and our eyes reflect the ocean’s colours.  Colombia is one place where two oceans lap at its shores and where imaginations are doubly sparked.


Why should you experience Colombia’s oceans this year?  Because it’s worth it. Here are seven more reasons…


  • Colombia is the only country in South America with two oceans, offering variety in choice, location, and experience.

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  • The Caribbean Sea is laden with intense and diverse coral life, stunningly vivid on account of its high degree of visibility.  Moreover, it offers numerous wrecks to explore, as Colombia—particularly Cartagena—was the primary Spanish port during the colonial era.

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  • The Pacific Coast abounds with large animals: Not only do Humpback Whales travel from the South to reproduce in the warm waters of Colombia, but many species of sharks travel around the Pacific Coast as well.  A further treat: rays, grouper, tuna, dolphins, and many other species are very common in the Pacific waters.




  • The North Atlantic desert of the Guajira region is a place with abundant shark populations.  Species such as the Thresher Shark, Tiger Shark, Grey Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Nurse Shark, White Tip Shark, Mako Shark, and Whale Shark, have been observed swimming in the waters of Punta Gallinas, the northern-most tip of South America.

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  • There is a shark sanctuary surrounding Malpelo Island on the Pacific side of Colombia—the most extreme dive of Colombia (Foto: malpelotours.com).

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  • Chocó, on the Pacific Ocean, is like Coast Rica…100 years ago.

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  • San Andrés and Providencia are two of the best places to dive in the Caribbean.  Vibrant and healthy coral walls, intense deep holes, indigenous as well as endemic wildlife, all contribute to this special and stunning place.




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