Are you looking for unique underwater experiences in Colombia? Then, become an expeditionary, and join us in pursuing the best diving seasons in Colombia. Search the huge sardine schools in the biogeographic Chocó, explore the wrecks in the Caribbean, swim with sharks in the upper Guajira, and discover our islands of Providencia and Gorgona. Our expeditions more than a trip are a life experience. Book now.


Welcome to Casa de Buceo CUE in Arusi, Chocó. We are passionate about diving and that is why we take it so seriously, offering unforgettable experiences in the safest and most responsible way in our incredible Pacific Ocean. We invite you to discover the underwater world with CUE.


Learn about diving and the underwater world


We produce our own productions as well as guided underwater filming accompaniments.

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  1. Hola , quiero preguntar cómo se puede realizar la acreditación de buseo y sacar la licencia con ustedes y cuanto es él costo o al menos en dónde me remcomendarian hacerla

  2. Buen día, Si, puede sacar la licencia de buceo en aguas abiertas de PADI con nosotros. Por favor escribanos a info@divecue.com para poder enviarle nuestros precios y posibilidades.

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