“The Best 4 Days of my Life”

A couple of days ago, I met an incredible human being who adventured to our most extreme expedition: the sardine expedition of the coast of Choco. Few times I have been surprised, but from the moment he arrived I felt his energy was intense, unique and powerful. We like to say that in the ocean […]

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Experience Colombia’s Oceans

Our collective imaginations often take us to the ocean’s edge, where we feel humbled by its mystery, its vastness, its beauty.  The ocean moves us and binds us, as each new wave lulls or crashes to the shore…before joining forces with the next.  In some places, our imaginations are heightened by reality as our toes touch the water’s […]

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Whale Shark

A Life Encounter

  For many years I tried to fit into a life, a rhythm, a routine, that in the end was not for me.  After time spent soul searching, I found my North—my passion.  I have since dedicated time and energy to develop my dreams in ways that fulfill this passion.  Since making this choice, I have felt only satisfaction, autonomy, and […]

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Colombia’s Pacific Coast is a Secret, “Untouched” Diving Paradise

  The world forgot about Colombia as a common tourist destination for the last 50 years due to the Country’s internal conflict.  Interestingly, many natural regions benefited from this unrest, as can be seen today in the many “untouched” places where natural and cultural diversity abound.   Today, Colombia has recently witnessed a tremendous milestone as bilateral peace accords […]

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