cue - guajira (29) copia

In the northernmost part of South America, at the tip of Colombia,

there is a great desert that extends for miles on end.

Despite being a difficult and hostile place, the Wayuú community

live here using their limited resources wisely.

Strong, intelligent, and exceptional hosts, the Wayuú community

of Punta Gallinas has developed a “rancheria”…

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Mangrove Restoration

cue - mangroves (23)

In this place—just below the water’s surface, where light diffracts

and waves subside—a vibrant community exists,

intimately connecting land to sea; mangroves to coral reefs;

and filtered shallows to the vast ocean expanses beyond.

In this place, the ocean’s nursery should flourish.

But to continue to do so, this place needs our help…

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