Terms and Conditions


This document constitutes your (the Client’s) agreement to abide by the following General Terms and Conditions related to services provided by Colombia Underwater Expeditions S.A.S.  These General Terms and Conditions apply to any tour services and products (e.g., plans, expeditions, courses, packages, internships) purchased from Colombia Underwater Expeditions S.A.S; and govern the contractual relationship between you (the Client) and CUE with respect to any such services and products.


“Colombia Underwater Expeditions S.A.S” will be referred hereinafter as “CUE.”

“Client” includes every person purchasing, accepting, or using a service or product provided by CUE on their own behalf or on behalf of others in their care, including minors and persons with a disability for whom a Client is responsible.

“Tour” refers to any service or product offered by CUE, whether plan, expedition, course, package, or internship.



  1. To book a tour it is necessary to pay 30%.  The other 70% must be paid prior to the start of any tour.  See cancellation terms for refund policies.


3.1 No refund or compensation is due payable by CUE for any unused tour portion or related service/product (e.g., training, travel).  Clients who do not complete a tour for any reason, are not entitled to a refund for any portion of the total cost.


4.1 CUE, its subsidiaries, and its operators reserve the right to rearrange the order of any itinerary, or to cancel or substitute elements of any schedule without notice when local conditions force such changes.

4.2 CUE periodically reviews its agreement to the Client and may make updates or changes to reflect operating requirements and the responsibilities of CUE and the Client.  In the event of changes to the General Terms and Conditions, CUE will notify the Client and make available the updated terms and conditions.  The Client must agree to the new Terms and Conditions before entering into ongoing or new agreements with CUE.

4.3 CUE reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions without notice.


5.1 Participation in tours offered by CUE are contingent on meeting certification and experience requirements.  It is the responsibility of the Client to produce sufficient proof of certification and experience when requested by CUE and it is understood that failure to produce proof may result in a cancellation of any tour without refund.

5.2 All Clients participating in scuba diving must provide proof of certification by a recognized diver training agency.

5.3 All Clients participating in snorkelling activities must affirm that they have previous swimming experience.  Clients without swimming or snorkelling experience are not advised to participate in snorkelling tours with CUE.

5.4 CUE has a zero tolerance of “diving and drugs” (including alcohol).  Therefore, if any Client shows signs of being under the influence they will not be permitted to participate in any tour; and in such cases, any reimbursement will not be given.

5.5 CUE reserves the right to deny the service to any person without reimbursement, if the person is considered irresponsible, disrespectful, or disobedient of safety measures governed by captains, guides, or local, national, and international laws.


6.1. CUE reserves the right to cancel or alter tours and tour content based on availability, demand, weather or logistical concerns, or safety considerations.  This may occur with little to no notice to the Client, however CUE will endeavour to communicate any changes to scheduled tour services and products at the earliest possible time.  It is the goal of CUE to find the best solution for any changes or cancellations in tour services and products and to offer alternatives when possible.  CUE will also work with the Client on a case-by-case basis for all adjustments and cancellations with the Client’s interests and safety in mind.

6.2. The Client reserves the right to cancel a tour at any time.  Tours cancelled on the behalf of the Client are subject to a cancellation fee of the 30% deposit.  If paid, the other 70% would be return of cancellations happen 2 weeks before the start of the activity.

6.3 Cancellations can only be acknowledged if received IN WRITING, by emailing: info@divecue.com.  No cancellations will be accepted by telephone, SMS, or chats.   All cancellations must be acknowledged by CUE, in writing, to be valid and subject to refund issuance (when applicable as per aforementioned stipulations).


7.1 By agreeing to this document, the Client confirms that they: have read and understood the General Terms and Conditions: Agreement for Services with Colombia Underwater Expeditions S.A.S; accept all content without limitations; and consent to adhere to the Agreement in all respects.

7.2 The Client specifically confirms that they:

  1. Understand the above Agreement for Services, including their responsibility and that of CUE;
  2. Agree to the General Terms and Conditions as outlined in this Agreement;
  3. Have been given opportunity of free, prior, and informed consent related to this Agreement for Services with CUE;
  4. Enter into this Agreement for Services on their own accord;
  5. Are the legal age to provide consent or have all requisite consents and authority to provide such consent on behalf of any other Clients involved in CUE service provision.

7.3 By agreeing to this document, the Client signifies their assent to be contractually bound to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.