“The Best 4 Days of my Life”

A couple of days ago, I met an incredible human being who adventured to our most extreme expedition: the sardine expedition of the coast of Choco. Few times I have been surprised, but from the moment he arrived I felt his energy was intense, unique and powerful. We like to say that in the ocean you always see the unexpected, you never now what is going to bring, therefore the only thing you need to do is have a positive energy and wait if you can see and be in the right place at the right time. I have an image of the movie Avatar, when Jake Sully bonds with the avatar body, feels his new pair of legs, and his first reaction is just to run, feel the rush, and develop a contagious energy for everyone around. Well this was the case of the great Jake Hewlett, as soon as he landed in Choco, he became an extremely important person driving all the group with his emotion, passion and never ending energy. Once again, thank you for coming.

Here are his words after the expedition:

“Seriously, I really do think it was the best few days I´ve had in terms of non stop, pure enjoyment, happiness, excitement, adrenaline and total tranquility.

From the moment I stepped off the 20 seater plane in Nuqui, I knew I was in for something special.  Nuqui is based in the far western coast of Colombia and most Colombian´s have never been, let alone foreigners.  From there you take an hours´ boat ride to arrive at Punta Brava Eco Hotel.  You will never have a better journey to arrive at your destination.  I saw a dolphin and a sea turtle on route and the landscape is simply breathtaking

It´s totally wild, unspoilt, untouched and raw.  For that reason, it´s not for people who like the luxury holiday or don´t like being exposed to all the elements.  Punta Brava is in the Jungle, so it´s hot, humid, with 100% exposure to nature, all the creatures that live there and it can rain a lot there too.

But Dive Cue and the owners of the Punta Brava Eco Hotel have it all planned out.  So if you are a water lover, a fan of nature, love activities and revel in unique experiences then sign yourself up to the next trip NOW.

I went for the sardine expedition and my oh my was it something else! Huge balls of swirling sardines – just SO amazing to watch, with Pelicans plunging to eat them from above and all sorts of water predators striking at it from below.  I have never seen anything as beautiful and exciting as that in my life.  We had two incredible mornings of seeing this and the other day we went out deep in search of larger fellows and saw a Whale & a Whale shark – simply incredible.

But it´s not just about this – it´s far more – it´s the whole place and all the activities and people that surround it.  We woke up at 5am every morning to do a Yoga session together, whilst in the afternoon we played beach football or went surfing on one of two beaches you have completely to yourself.  If that isn´t your thing, you could go on a fishing trip, explore the jungle, or simply chill with a book in the comfortable hammocks.  The food is also DELICIOUS.

Andres, who leads the trip for Dive Cue, is infectious with his energy & enthusiasm.  Undoubtedly he makes the trip even more special and it was a pleasure getting to know him properly over the 4 days I was there.  So to the owner of Punta Brava Alejendro, who has built a labour of love so magical you can´t help but fall in love with it too.  Whilst you can pretty much rest assured that anyone else who is going to be there during your stay is going to be a fantastic person.

Of course I was disappointed to leave but it was with the knowledge that I had experienced something unique and still now I feel the benefit of the days I spent there.  I will 100% be returning for the same trip next year whilst I´m considering going back in September for Whale season too – I have a feeling I will get to know the place extremely well over the coming years!

Thank you Andres & Dive Cue for an unforgettable experience.  See you again soon! ”

Jake Hewlett, but for us “Jake Sully”, now a part of the CUE family.